Garage Sale

This is where I post items for sale – I will do my best to keep it up to date. Please post a comment letting me know what you want and for what price. Everything is negotiable. To pay for items (or just give me some money) please visit my Cash page at:$schoenberger

Amazon Echo – $75

Amazon Echo

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Brandon's take: Great audio. We upgraded our main living space Alexa device to the Echo Show and this guy needs a new home.

Asus Chromebit – $40

Asus Chromebit

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Brandon's take: Awesome little computer. You can turn any monitor or TV into a Google Chrome based computer.

Amazon Bluetooth Game Controller – $15

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Brandon's take: I believe this works as a bluetooth controller with other devices. We have used it with our Fire TV.

Sabrent 5 port HDMI Switch with Remote – $10

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Brandon's take: Does what it says. If you are running low on HDMI ports or want to clean up things around your entertainment system this allows you to change inputs via a dedicated remote.

Circle with Disney – $30


View on Amazon - View Circle site

Brandon's take: This thing is awesome and always improving. Our Xfinity router has many of the features built in, but honestly I haven't had this hooked up in awhile and it is probably way nicer. If you have a bunch of kids or adults that need their internet monitored and filtered this is a great option. Super easy to setup and use.

Samsonite Cargo Carrier (New) – $25


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Brandon's take: This thing is brand new. I would say in the box, but I recycled it, so it will be in a trash bag. Bought it at Costco for our trip to Boise, but we are efficient packers and didn't need it.

Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition – $10

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Intel Compute Stick CS125 – $40

View on Amazon

Brandon's take: Cool little PC stick. Comes with Windows 10. Turn any monitor or your TV into a Windows 10 PC.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – $20 Sold

Older model Kindle Paperwhite. Comes with the case.

Vintage Kindle with Internet – $20

Older model Kindle with 2g internet. Comes with case.

CenturyLink DSL Modem/Router – $10

Foscam Wireless/Wired Network Webcam – $10

Apple Airport Extreme – $10

Apple Airport Extreme (Tower) – $50

22" Acer Monitor – $20

VIZIO Soundbar – $10

Nikon D5500 Kit – $500

View on CostcoChaser


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